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Hongda Group: Party Construction Leads Second Venture

Source:CICCPS Release time:2019/7/30 10:29:56 
On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the enterprise, Hongda Group sounded the clarion call for second entrepreneurship, led by Party building, and intensified its efforts to bring the enterprise into the track of transformation, upgrading and high-quality development at full speed. And the "358 strategy" goal of "striving to achieve sales revenue exceeding 50 billion/year, profits and taxes 7 billion/year in three years, sales revenue reaching 70 billion/year and profits and taxes 10 billion/year in five years, sales revenue exceeding 100 billion/year and profits and taxes 15 billion/year in eight years" has been established, so that the future development pace of Hongda Group will be more firm.

In fact, as the first generation of private enterprises emerged with the reform and opening up, party building has always played an important role in Hongda Group. According to Liu Deshan, vice president of the Group and vice secretary of the Party Committee, Hongda's Party building work is to grasp early and almost synchronize with entrepreneurship; second, it plays a leading role in production and management management, and integrates well. The Party building work runs through ideological and political education, enterprise culture construction, social responsibility management, ideal and belief education and honesty. The whole process of cleaning industry construction.

In the new era, facing the complicated domestic and international situation, Hongda Group has sounded the clarion call for the second entrepreneurship, and Party building is the leading banner of Hongda Group's second entrepreneurship. At the expanded meeting of Hongda Group's Party Committee held in April this year, Liu Canglong emphasized that the work of Party building should be integrated with ideological and political education, enterprise culture, management, honest practice, team building and objective responsibility, which is the fundamental guarantee for Hongda Group to start a second business and to embark on a healthy and high-quality development road.
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