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Shagang Group ranks sixth in the list of the world's 50 largest iron and steel enterprises

Source:CICCPS Release time:2019/6/30 22:26:59 
The World Iron and Steel Association published World Steel Statistics 2019, which ranked global steel enterprises according to the crude steel output in 2018, and published the list of the top 50 steel enterprises in the world. Shagang Group ranked 6th with crude steel output of 40.66 million tons.

Faced with the favorable opportunity for the country to steadily promote the structural reform of the supply side, focus on resolving the excess capacity of iron and steel, and the stable transition of the steel market situation, Shagang takes safety production and environmental protection technological transformation as its foundation, takes cost reduction, innovation, potential tapping and efficiency as its grasp, strengthens brand building, speeds up technological progress, promotes intelligent manufacturing and implements it. Diversified development, efforts to expand the two major international and domestic markets, production and operation has maintained stable operation, and the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises has been continuously enhanced. In 2018, Shagang Group completed 31.83 million tons of ironmaking, 40.66 million tons of steelmaking and 39.54 million tons of rolling materials, and realized sales revenue of 241 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 33 billion yuan, which had a new increase over the previous year.

It is understood that World Iron and Steel Statistics 2019 introduces the overall development of the iron and steel industry through the main indicators of iron and steel output, apparent consumption of iron and steel, global iron and steel trade volume, iron ore output and trade volume. Of the top 50 crude steel producers in the world in 2018, there are 28 Chinese steelmakers, an increase of 2 compared with 2017. Among the top 10 steel enterprises, there are 6 Chinese enterprises, namely Baowu Group, Hegang Group, Shagang Group, Angang Group, Jianlong Group and Shougang Group.
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