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Hu Chengzhong: Improving the Financing Environment of Private Enterprises

Source:CICCPS Release time:2019/3/17 12:19:36 
On March 11, Hu Chengzhong, deputy chairman of the National People's Congress, deputy chairman of the National People's Congress and chairman of the board of directors of Delixi Group, said in an interview that VAT had been reduced by three points, with great efforts. For enterprises, more funds could be invested in R&D and reproduction.

As an entrepreneur in traditional manufacturing industry, Hu Chengzhong is more concerned about how private enterprises create advanced manufacturing industry and financing environment for private enterprises. In his Suggestions on Enhancing Support for Private Enterprises to Build Advanced Manufacturing Industry, he pointed out that since most of China's private manufacturing enterprises belong to small and medium-sized enterprises, the basic conditions for building advanced manufacturing industry are poor, and special support from governments at all levels and relevant departments is also needed.

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