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The first "one belt and one road" culture and cultural exchange summit was held successfully

Source:CICCPS Release time:2019/9/12 10:55:52 
In September 7, 2019, sponsored by the CICCPS, the Chinese Culture Promotion Association and the Propaganda Department of the CPC Changzhi Municipal Committee, the first Forum on cultural and international exchanges between France and Xiangyuan was successfully held in Shanxi, Changzhi and Xiangyuan, hosted by the CPC Xiangyuan county Party committee and the people's Government of the county.

Maithripala Sirisena, President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, sent a congratulatory letter to congratulate the first summit on "culture along the way".

Dr. Kodituwaku, Sri Lanka Embassy in China, Dr. Siliva, Chairman of APTACCI; Mr. Dipak, Second Secretary of Nepal Embassy in China, Mr. Akid, Secretary-General of APTACCI, Secretary of CPC Committee and Chairman of Bureau, Mr. Wang Yanguo, Executive Chairman of Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and Mr. Wang Yanguo, Chinese Culture Promotion Association. Mr. Jin Jianfan, Vice-Chairman; Mr. Zhou Ning, Vice-Secretary and Standing Vice-President of the Party Group of the Central Socialist College; Mr. Yang Qinrong, Vice-Secretary and Mayor of Changzhi Shanxi Municipal Committee; Ms. Sun Liu Lin, Standing Committee and Propaganda Minister of Changzhi Municipal Committee of Shanxi Province; Central United Front Department, Buddhist Culture and Art Committee, National Palace Museum and Chinese People University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Central Socialist College, Buddhist Culture and Art Committee, United Front Department of Shanxi Provincial Committee, Shanxi Socialist College, Shanxi Academy of Social Sciences, Shanxi Provincial Cultural Brigade Office and representatives of well-known private enterprises in China, representatives of well-known cultural enterprises at home and abroad, and scholars of law-prominent culture research, totally more than 160 people came out. Forum.

Wang Yanguo, Jin Jian-fan and Yang Qinrong delivered speeches on behalf of the organizers.

During the forum, the leaders of the conference jointly unveiled the "one belt and one road" cultural and international cooperation and exchange base for Chinese law. Later, the participants visited Xiangyuan County to explore the spirit of law.
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