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Holding a Forum on International Cooperation and Social Services of Civil Society Organizations

Source:CICCPS Release time:2019/9/10 13:52:28 
During his visit to the United States, the delegation and the Chinese Public Welfare Foundation jointly held a forum on the theme of international cooperation and social services for non-governmental organizations in New York. The activities are aimed at promoting international exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and American non-governmental organizations, promoting public welfare, prospering communities, undertaking social responsibility, contributing to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations (SDG), and enhancing the image and influence of Chinese in the international community.

Bruce Noz, co-chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 67th and 68th sessions of the United Nations Conference on Civil Organizations, said at the luncheon forum that day that he had visited Beijing, Hangzhou and other places, witnessed the rapid development of China, and the realization of the sustainable development goal of the United Nations 2030 required more participation of Chinese civil organizations. Provide experience and contribution. At the same time, in the current difficult international situation, non-governmental diplomacy among peoples has become more important. The participation of enterprises and cultural and educational institutions in various countries will help to establish ties among people. Therefore, we hope to see more Chinese non-governmental organizations in the future international arena and help more people around the world. Get out of poverty and promote common development.

In response to the theme of the conference, "Building Inclusive and Sustainable Cities and Communities", Wang Yanguo shared with guests from all walks of life the important role played by Chinese non-governmental organizations in urban and community development. He said that since China's reform and opening up, the rapid rise and development of non-governmental organizations have played a key role in promoting sustainable development of cities and communities, as well as in political, economic, scientific and technological, cultural, educational and social progress. According to the latest statistics, China has more than 835,500 non-governmental organizations approved by the government. China's non-governmental organizations are playing ten roles in fulfilling the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, especially in promoting sustainable cities and communities, including the influence of ecological construction, the driving force of poverty reduction, the maintenance of urban order, the transmission of social conditions and public opinions, the professionalism of economy and society, and the integration of capital. Source cooperation, cultivation of social civilization, innovation of smart city, organizational power of participating in politics and deliberation, and the promotion of harmonious society, etc. On behalf of Chinese NGOs, he expressed his expectation that the next UN NGO Congress would be held in China.
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