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Visit to the United Nations Global Compact Organization

Source:CICCPS Release time:2019/9/9 14:50:44 
During his visit to the United States, the delegation visited the United Nations Global Compact Organization and was allowed to join.

Ms. Kinselli, Director-General of the United Nations Global Compact Organization, welcomed the delegation and said she was very pleased to receive a CICCPS mission from China in the United States. She said that she learned that CICCPS is a highly internationalized non-governmental organization. The Asia-Pacific Office in China has reported to her that CICCPS has not only done a lot of work in guiding China's private sector and enterprises to carry out international economic cooperation, but also become the founder of the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the framework of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Members. She said that in the Global Compact Organization, both business members and non-business members with certain conditions are welcome. She fully endorsed and agreed to accept CICCPS and APTA-CCI as full members of the United Nations Global Compact Organization.

After expressing his gratitude to Director-General Kinselly, Wang Yanguo particularly reported on the positive and fruitful work CICCPS has done in strengthening the integrity construction of Chinese private enterprises and promoting the spirit of the Global Compact. He said that with the deepening of China's reform and opening up, both enterprises themselves and non-governmental organizations are taking the construction of integrity and the spirit of contract as a very important task and making unremitting efforts. He expressed his deep gratitude to the Global Compact Organization for agreeing to CICCPS and APTA-CCI as members of the Global Compact Organization.
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