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CICCPS delegation held a symposium in New York

Source:CICCPS Release time:2019/9/7 13:46:18 
On August 28, 2019, Wang Yanguo led the CICCPS delegation to hold an exchange forum in New York after attending the 68th NGO Cooperation Conference held by the United Nations.

Yan Zhifu congratulated the delegation of ciccps led by Wang Yanguo on its successful participation in the 68th UN NGO Cooperation Congress and warmly welcomed the delegation's visit to New York. Wang Lizhi also delivered a welcoming speech and wished the delegation a successful visit to New York.

Wang Yanguo subsequently delivered an enthusiastic speech. He said that the Sino-US trade frictions are escalating gradually. At this time, Sino-US non-governmental exchanges and cooperation are particularly important. This visit can be said to be a journey of exchange and cooperation. The purpose of this visit is to bring about economic friction between China and the United States and to integrate folk culture. In particular, he pointed out that the non-governmental exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese and American people will not be affected by the current trade conflicts between the two countries, and expressed a good outlook for the future of Sino-US non-governmental cooperation. He further indicated that Sino-US non-governmental exchanges and cooperation are the cornerstone and bridge of Sino-US cooperation. With such close cooperation, he believed that Sino-US government relations would develop towards healthy friendship and win-win cooperation.
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