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Wang Yanguo led a delegation to the United States to attend the United Nations Conference of Civil Organizations

Source:CICCPS Release time:2019/9/6 11:42:02 
On August 26, 2019, led by Wang Yanrong, the leaders of several private enterprises were invited to attend the 68th United Nations Conference of Civil Organizations (UNCSC2019) in Salt Lake City, Judaea, USA. This is the largest annual meeting of UN NGOs, with 5,700 representatives from more than 800 NGOs from 135 countries. The theme of this conference is "Building Inclusive and Sustainable Urban Communities".

The conference, co-sponsored by the United Nations Department of Global Communications, Salt Lake City and the NGO Executive Committee, is the top event on the UN NGO calendar and the largest and highest-level NGO conference in the world. The conference is an important way for the United Nations to practice the participation of civil society in the affairs of the United Nations and has received strong support from successive United Nations Secretaries-General and the President of the General Assembly. The conference includes plenary meetings of opening and closing ceremonies, round tables for experts from different fields to exchange views and experiences, NGO seminars for business exchanges by NGO colleagues from all over the world, and other thematic activities. Through these activities, participants will be shown the work of NGOs and share the results of their work.

As the delegation personally invited by Bruce F. Knotts, the president of the 68th United Nations Conference on Civil Organizations, the delegation was the first one organized by a large national, comprehensive and International Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and it was also the first time that Chinese civil organizations were established with the United Nations Committee on Civil Organizations. Delegations establishing cooperative relations.

United Nations Secretary-General Guterres delivered a video address on the day of the meeting. He said that well-planned and well-managed cities can lead us to inclusive growth and become a model of harmonious coexistence among different groups of people. He welcomed the decision to make inclusive and sustainable cities and communities the focus of this year's conference, and pointed out that cities had the capacity to help respond to global climate emergencies and to point the way for sustainable low-emission development.
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