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The Sino-US Business Forum was held in Manhattan, New York, USA

Source:CICCPS Release time:2019/9/3 10:38:56 
On August 30, 2019, the Sino-US Business Forum was held at Harvard Club in Manhattan, New York, USA.

This symposium is sponsored by CICCPS and sponsored by the General Chamber of Commerce of International Industrial Investment of the United States. Domestic entrepreneurs are co-ordinated and led by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. The meeting brought together nearly 100 executives and representatives from China and the United States, covering finance, real estate, health care, education and other fields, including Morgan Stanley, Dai Deliang Bank, Harvard Wealth, Metropolitan Museum, Dolly Lenz, Barrington Jamaican Imports Ltd, Hiking Group, Fortune Fund, CITIC Bank. Supervisors of banks, China Construction USA, Bank of China, China Merchants Bank and other enterprises or institutions. Participants mainly discussed how to optimize domestic and international resource allocation and promote Sino-US industrial cooperation.

Jiang Liujun, President of the General Chamber of Commerce for International Industrial Investment of the United States, delivered a welcoming speech at the meeting. He said that today's global political and economic situation is undergoing major changes and adjustments in development. Faced with challenges, it is difficult for enterprises to be self-reliant and lasting. Only by strengthening international exchanges and cooperation can they form a joint force and promote enterprise development.

Subsequently, Wang Yanguo delivered a keynote speech. He said that this Sino-US entrepreneurship Symposium not only effectively reflects the development of private economy regardless of national boundaries and races, but also reflects the importance and necessity of current international cooperation for promoting social and economic development. In the current economic and trade frictions between China and the United States, Chinese and American entrepreneurs should make clear their thinking and develop hand in hand. He said that since the late 1990s, he has visited the United States many times, and he has felt the warm friendship of American entrepreneurs everywhere. President Wang Yanguo's brilliant speech triggered a lively discussion on the spot.

Chambers of Commerce and business representatives from various regions of China also participated in the discussion.
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