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Wang Yanguo Visits Hengtong Group

Source:CICCPS Release time:2019/1/19 10:32:53 
On January 17, 2019, Wang Yanguo, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Presidium and Executive Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement Chamber of Commerce and Industry, visited the Beijing Headquarters of Hengtong Group, Vice-Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, and held exchanges and discussions with Sun Zhonglin, General Manager of the Beijing Headquarters.

Wang Yanguo first thanked Hengtong Group for its support to the Chamber of Commerce in recent years. He introduced the work of Chamber of Commerce in Party building, international cooperation and capacity building, and focused on a series of scarce, high-end, non-replicable international resource platforms and mechanisms built by Chamber of Commerce.

Sun Zhonglin introduced the development of Hengtong Group in the past two years, pointed out that the group's future strategy was internationalization, and put forward clear goals and plans, such as investment and cooperation in Australia, Morocco, Kenya, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries, and the Chamber of Commerce's going out and international cooperation with Hengtong Group. Thank you for your strong support.

The two sides also exchanged views on Party building, projects, funds, talents and civil-military integration.

Also attending the forum were Hengtong Group Department Director Zhou Tong, Jiangchun, Qian Wei, Zhang Yong, Li Rui, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chamber of Commerce, Director of the Member Department He Yong, President Secretary Wang Yun, and so on.
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