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Open the door to be the "flag bearer" of global free trade

Source:CICCPS Release time:2019/8/27 12:33:49 
Recently, the "2019 Countries Are Forum" co-sponsored by the State Council Counsel Office, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the China Economic System Reform Research Association was held in Shanghai to discuss "Towards a Higher Level of Opening to the Outside World".

Continuous opening up is valuable

Focusing on open issues, such discussions are "important and timely", as many foreign guests have commented.

There are worries about the world situation behind this. Francis Gao Rui, Director-General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), pointed out that the rise of protectionism worldwide, the alarming growth of protectionist cases, the limited flow of skilled personnel and other signs of closure are all contrary to the trend of technological development.

Zhu Guangyao, counselor of the State Council, pointed out that in recent years, the IMF's forecast for global economic growth in 2019 has been reduced to 3.2%, which has been downgraded several times since April last year. Meanwhile, the forecast for annual global trade growth has also been downgraded to 2.6%. "It is extremely unusual that the growth rate of Global trade is substantially lower than that of economic growth, especially when the global economic growth rate is down and the growth rate of Global trade is down." Zhu Guangyao said.

In this context, China's continued expansion of its opening up to the outside world is even more valuable.

"Throughout the ages, openness and networking have been key to success in global affairs." Francis Garrey said that the process of opening up is extremely difficult, especially today when closed forces are rampant. He appreciated China's progress in opening up over the past 40 years, and at present China is committed to achieving a higher level of opening up.

According to Lu Pengqi, vice president of the China Council for the Promotion of Trade, since 1978, China's open economy has made new improvements and breakthroughs, creating the miracle of the longest sustained high-speed economic growth in a country after the end of World War II.

"One belt and one road" will look good in the future.

The complex international situation has also brought more challenges to opening up and cooperation. How to achieve a higher level of opening up? "One belt and one road" international cooperation is undoubtedly a major attraction.

Zhao Xinyong, deputy director of the regional open division of the national development and Reform Commission, said that in the past 6 years, the construction of the "one belt and one road" project has achieved remarkable results. Including the construction of "land, sea and sky" four-in-one interconnection system, such as China-Laos Railway, China-Thailand Railway, Yawan High-speed Railway and other solid advances; China-Europe Banquet has become an important brand, up to the end of June this year, a total of nearly 17,000 lines have been opened, reaching 53 cities in 16 countries overseas, basically achieving "go-back one"; Cooperation has continued to expand. In the past 2013-2018 years, the total trade volume of goods between China and the countries along the "belt and road" has exceeded US $6 trillion.

"Since the" one belt and one road initiative "was put forward, China's opening has entered a new stage, and every opening has promoted the deepening of reform. Wang Zhan, vice president of the China Economic Restructuring Research Association, said that the "one belt and one way" initiative is not only beneficial to the world economy, but also conducive to China's two-way opening up.

Yan Xiaobin, assistant general manager of China Electric Power Construction Limited by Share Ltd international company, said that the development of electric power construction in the countries along the "one belt and one road" has been developing very well. From the end of 2018 to the present, it has increased by more than six percent points from the end of the new contract. Along the way, we will contribute more to the local people.

Luo Siyi, senior researcher at Chongyang Financial Research Institute, Renmin University of China, pointed out that the growth of other parts of the world will slow down in the future, but the "one belt and one road" including the development of the economy will continue to grow. In the next 5 years, the importance of "one belt and one road" will be even more pronounced.

Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port Compete

From the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Great Bay Area to the exploration and construction of a free trade port in Hainan, and then to the establishment of a new port-vicinity zone in Shanghai, China has continuously opened up experimental fields with various highlights of regional opening up. Experts pointed out that in the future, these regions will play their unique advantages and jointly promote China's opening to the outside world.

Liang Jianwei, a counselor of Guangdong Provincial Government, pointed out that there is a big passageway for the construction of Dawan District, and that the port is an important passageway for the Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to go to sea. This Bay area has three top ten ports in the world. It is very important to build a good big passageway and improve the global competitiveness of the port in the bay area for improving the opening level of the whole country.

It has been more than one year since Hainan decided to explore the construction of a free trade port, and its core concept and overall framework design are becoming clear. Chen Jiyang, deputy director of Hainan Provincial Government Research Office, said that the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port has a vast rural area. Its industrial orientation is service industry, high-tech industry and tourism, and it has an irreplaceable position in the national opening up. Hainan will implement the highest degree of reform and opening up, and will have a complete set of policies and systems. "There is no doubt that the more open the door is, the bigger it will be." He said.

Weng Kaining, vice president of Shanghai Lingang Economic Development Group Co., Ltd., believes that Lingang New Area should be the "flag bearer" of global free trade with a higher level of openness to promote higher quality development. Firstly, the free trade park with the strongest internationally recognized competitiveness is the business environment; secondly, more attention should be paid to the safe living, happy work and free flow of talents, and the construction of new areas should not follow the road of new town construction dominated by traditional real estate development, but should always effectively control the entry threshold of talents and the cost of living.
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