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Making Great Efforts to Create a Good Environment for the Development of Private Enterprises

Source:CICCPS Release time:2019/7/29 10:24:07 
Private economy is an important achievement of the development of socialist market economy, an important force to promote the development of socialist market economy, and an important subject to promote structural reform on the supply side, promote high-quality development and build a modern economic system. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the seminar on private enterprises that the private economy in China has become an indispensable force to promote the development of our country. It has become the main field of entrepreneurship and employment, an important subject of technological innovation, and an important source of national tax revenue. It is also an important source for the development of our socialist market economy, the transformation of government functions and rural surplus. Labor force transfer and international market development have played an important role. At present, some private enterprises encounter difficulties and problems in market, financing and transformation in their operation and development. The causes are caused by many factors at home and abroad. They are not only the result of changes in the international economic environment, but also the result of the transition of China's economy from high-speed growth stage to high-quality development stage. They are also the result of inadequate implementation of policies. Fruit. To solve the plight of private economic development, enterprises need their own efforts and policy support. Facing the new situation and challenges, we should construct a good environment for the development of private enterprises through various channels, help the private economy to solve the difficulties in development, support the reform and development of private enterprises, turn pressure into motive force, let the innovative sources of private economy flow sufficiently, let the creative vitality of private economy burst out sufficiently, and push private enterprises to a wider range. Broad stage.

First, we should make greater efforts to reduce the threshold for private capital to enter key areas and expand the space for private economic development. We should relax the access threshold for private enterprises in key areas and continue to break down the hidden barriers for private capital to enter key areas. In particular, we should step up the implementation of the "Negative List of Market Access (2018 edition)", encourage private capital to focus on investing in major national strategies and projects in the field of complementary boards, and encourage local governments to draw lessons from relevant local governments to establish people. The loan risk compensation mechanism of private enterprises, the "interaction between bank and tax" and other practices should be carried out to increase the financing support for private investment, and further play the positive role of private enterprises in filling shortcomings, expanding domestic demand and stabilizing employment. For example, in the fields of transportation, energy, ecological environment protection and people's livelihood, a large number of projects with high commercial potential and clear investment return mechanism are centralized to non-governmental capital, actively supporting non-governmental capital holding, mobilizing non-governmental investment enthusiasm, and eliminating and reducing the additional conditions that hinder non-governmental investment from entering the fields of pension and medical treatment. To help solve the problems of land, capital and talent, so as to better broaden the development space of private enterprises.

Secondly, we should create a fairer market environment, a better legal environment and a better business environment for the development of private enterprises. One is to create a fair competitive environment. We should break through various forms of "rolling curtain doors", "glass doors" and "revolving doors", and create a fair, convenient and efficient market environment for private enterprises in terms of market access, approval, operation and so on. The second is to create a good environment for the rule of law. We should strengthen legislative protection, optimize administrative management, crack down on illegal and criminal activities, standardize law enforcement and strengthen safeguard and supervision. In particular, we should promote the improvement of the legal provisions for the protection of property rights, make greater breakthroughs in properly handling property rights cases formed in history, solve a number of enterprises and the masses'strong reflections on property rights disputes, and protect the personal and property safety of entrepreneurs. Third, create a good business environment. In recent years, a lot of work has been done to create a good business environment for private enterprises. For example, Guangdong has formulated the Action Plan for Deepening the Comprehensive Reform of Business Environment, deepening the reform of business system, reducing the start-up time of enterprises to less than five working days, promoting "certificate reduction after taking care of" and completing more than 100 tasks of classified reform of administrative license related to enterprises; Guangxi has formulated and promulgated a provincial government service acceptance system. We should build a public credit information platform in autonomous region, improve the operation mechanism of social credit system focusing on reward and punishment system, carry out enterprise credit rating activities, and enhance the credit awareness of small and medium-sized enterprises. These measures have achieved good results, business environment has been greatly improved, so that the development of private economy has a more suitable "soil", but also enhance the confidence of private enterprises. At present and in the future, we should continue to strengthen our efforts to solve the difficult problems in financing, handling affairs and innovation of private economy, and focus on the construction of systems such as first-built and posterior-built projects, compensation for loss of legitimate rights and interests, and long-term support services, so as to create a stable, fair, transparent and predictable business environment for private enterprises.

Thirdly, we should further implement tax and fee reduction measures to effectively reduce the cost burden of private enterprises. This year's "Government Work Report" pointed out that the implementation of a larger tax reduction, significantly reducing the burden of corporate social security contributions, to ensure that tax reduction and fee reduction in place. How to better implement this policy, the key is to prescribe the right remedy, continuously improve the accuracy, effectiveness and pertinence of the implementation of the tax reduction and fee reduction policy, effectively promote the list of problems and rectify the accounts, so that enterprises can effectively enjoy the benefits of tax reduction and fee reduction. At present, many good practices and experiences have emerged in promoting this work. For example, Ji'an City of Jiangxi Province insists on demand orientation, timely convenes seminars for representatives of private enterprises, listens to the needs and suggestions of tax departments in tax policy publicity and tax service, and tries its best to serve the development and growth of enterprises. Business. According to the individualized problems put forward by enterprises, measures should be refined, safeguards strengthened, and special items of "tax reduction and fee reduction" should be precisely carried out.
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