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Sharing the opportunity of "one belt and one road"

Source:CICCPS Release time:2019/6/29 18:21:42 
Co building the "one belt and one road" initiative originated in China, but the opportunities and achievements belong to the whole world. The "one belt and one road" has continuously woven the global interconnected network, and the joint development and sharing of results have become the consensus of all parties.

Even if thousands of miles apart, as long as the channel of information sharing, can rush out infinite vitality.

In June 27th, more than 30 organizations from around the world gathered in Beijing and jointly launched the "one way and one" economic information sharing network, so that economic information can become a shared result of flow, create a new platform for international cooperation and enhance new impetus for common development.

Promoting "one belt and one road" economic information interconnection

The "one belt and one road" economic information sharing network is sponsored by Xinhua news agency and is based on the "Xinhua Silk Road" information platform, aiming at promoting the smooth dissemination of all kinds of practical information among member agencies.

Since China launched the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the "maritime Silk Road" initiative in 2013, the "one belt and one way" has become a platform for international cooperation, which has been widely participated by all parties. Interconnection has long been a global consensus. The construction of "one belt and one road" has activated the flow of people, logistics and capital flows, and has injected strong impetus to the development of the countries along the route.

Kubanichbeck Tabartyev, President of Kyrgyzstan's cabal state news agency, said that the "one belt and one way" initiative has played an important role in the world, helping to improve the infrastructure of highways, railways, communications and other infrastructure along the border.

Experts said that the "one belt along the way" along the vast area, different countries and regions in the political system, development level, legal requirements, social customs, national culture and other aspects of differences, to achieve policy communication, facilities Unicom, trade flow, financing, people's hearts and minds, to maintain information convenient and smooth is an important basis. Foundation. As an important platform for information flow in the construction of "one belt and one road", the establishment of the "one belt and one road" economic information sharing network can be achieved.

Promoting win-win cooperation by "information bridge"

Sharp tools make good work. As the landing support platform of the "one belt and one way" economic information sharing network, the "one belt and one way" economic information sharing platform will be synchronized on-line, providing information exchange and business cooperation for member organizations, promoting the integration of information flow, capital flow and logistics, building new opportunities for sharing, and forming a pool of information resources with abundant content.

In order to make information resources more widely serve the "one belt and one road" co constructor, the "one belt and one road" economic information sharing network implements the mechanism of economic information content co construction and free sharing. Shared network members are obliged to provide publishable economic information to the platform, while enjoying the rights and interests of using platform content.

The "one belt and one road" economic information sharing network encourages members to consult with each other and carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation. The scope of cooperation includes, but is not limited to, exclusive information interchange, channel interoperability, market-based information product agents, and "one belt and one road" related topics.

"Economic information sharing network" provides a unique platform for participating agencies to get objective information about partners. Kubanichibek Tabardyev said.

Constructing a Friendship Circle for Global Interconnection and Interchange of Economic Information

With the concept of "equality, voluntariness, co operation, co construction, interoperability and win-win cooperation", Xinhua has launched the "one way, one way" economic information sharing network initiative. The news agencies, information service institutions and research institutes in many countries and regions jointly responded and joined the "circle of friends" of global economic information on interconnection and interoperability.

"There is no doubt that the" one belt "economic information sharing network project is very important and will play an important role in promoting infrastructure development and solving governance problems. The economic information sharing network of "one belt and one road" will become the basis of the correlation between Unicom's "one area" and "one road". Jose Ignacio Martinez Colt, a researcher at the China-Mexico Research Center of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, said.

Members have been looking forward to and discussing cooperation in information exchange, channel exchange, product agency and so on. The Xinhua news agency and the Lao Batu Lao news agency and other institutions jointly organized the "one way" old China Cooperation Forum in Vientiane, signed 33 agreements to facilitate the landing of a number of cooperation achievements, and the China economic information society, jointly with the Italy crass group, held a successful Sino Milan business investment joint meeting in the Xinhua news agency, and jointly launched the "Xinhua Silk Road". "Italian Edition", serving Italy enterprises to participate in the construction of "one belt and one road".

Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations. It is foreseeable that the future "one belt and one road" economic information sharing network will converge on all sides, build and share together, break the barriers of asymmetric information, promote interoperability, and enable participants to enjoy the fruits and opportunities brought by the smooth flow of information.
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