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Serbia China Industrial Park becomes a new bright spot of cooperation between China and cypress

Source:CICCPS Release time:2019/5/11 10:18:11 
A few days ago, Serbian Minister of Innovation and Technological Development, Nenard Popovich, visited China Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. to inspect the company on the spot and give interviews to reporters.

It is reported that in November 2015, during the fourth China-Central and Eastern European Leaders'meeting, China Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. and Serbia signed a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of Serbia's first comprehensive industrial park project. Subsequently, after dozens of rounds of negotiations, the two sides agreed on the contents of the investment agreement of the project, and plan to sign the investment agreement during the second International Cooperation Summit Forum.

The project of China Industrial Park in Serbia is located in the northwest of Belgrade, capital of Serbia, on the North Bank of Danube River, covering an area of about 3.2 square kilometers. Industrial parks are divided into three sub-parks, namely, processing and manufacturing parks (planning area 77%), business and logistics parks (planning area 3%) and high-tech parks (planning area 6%). The rest of the land is public supporting land such as roads and substations. The park will construct comprehensive commercial and trade city, industrial plant, warehousing and logistics facilities, office buildings, service supporting facilities (hotels, apartments, commerce) and so on. Depending on local resources and market conditions, the park will take food processing industry, textile and garment industry, home building materials industry, leather industry, automobile spare parts industry, household appliances industry, consumer electronics industry and new energy industry as leading industries.

Situated in the Balkan Peninsula, Serbia is an important hub connecting the Eurasian continent and an important node in the central and Eastern European region. The successful implementation of the China Industrial Park project in Serbia will help orderly undertake China's going out enterprises in Serbia, and will play an important exemplary role. It will enhance the influence and appeal of China's international capacity cooperation in central and Eastern Europe, and promote the "one belt and one road" initiative in more central and Eastern European countries.

"China's Industrial Park project is of great significance to Serbia's development," Nainad Popovich said. "The project can bring nearly 10,000 jobs to Serbia, attract a large number of high-end talents, promote local economic development and promote cultural exchanges between Serbia and China."

Serbia is the first central and Eastern European country to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership with China. It is also a positive respondent of the "one belt and one road" initiative. In recent years, with the continuous deepening of the "one belt and one way" cooperation between China and Serbia, many large-scale projects involving Chinese enterprises have landed in Serbia, including the construction of the XiongSi railway, the construction of the SIM Meng bolcha bridge, and the acquisition of J May Dei Trvor steel mill by China River steel group. In this process, Chinese enterprises brought many advanced technologies and experiences to Serbia, greatly improving the skills of the local labor force.

With the deepening of Sino-Serbian cooperation, the mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples has also risen to a new height. In recent years, with the landing of Serbia's visa-free policy for Chinese citizens and the opening of China's direct flights to Serbia, the number of Chinese people going to Serbia has shown a significant growth trend. Businessmen, scholars and tourists from China can be found everywhere in Belgrade. Serbs are very warm and friendly to the Chinese people, so that the Chinese people in Serbia feel the warmth of their home. According to statistics, the number of Chinese tourists to Serbia reached a record high in 2018, and China became Serbia's second largest source of overseas tourists. In order to provide better services for Chinese tourists, the Serbian Tourism Department has also added Chinese signs on the road signs of major cities in the country to facilitate Chinese tourists'travel.

With the easterly cooperation of the second "one belt and one way" International Cooperation Summit Forum, the cooperation between China and Cyprus will extend to a broader field. "Chinese people are welcome to visit and study in Serbia. I look forward to broader cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, sports and cultural exchanges between the two countries in the future," said Nainad Popovich.
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