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Wang Yanguo attended the summit forum of the rise of the big country integrity brand and delivered a speech

Source:CICCPS Release time:2018/11/20 11:11:01 
       On November 20, 2018, the "Great National Credit Brand Rise Summit Forum and the Launching Ceremony of the Chinese National Brand Revitalization Project" jointly sponsored by the China Private Economy International Cooperation Chamber of Commerce, China Business Magazine, and the "Credit Archives" column group were held in Beijing. The theme of the event is “Building, Sharing, and Collusion” and “Building a Goodwill Mechanism for Chinese Enterprise Clusters”. It emphasizes that under the current economic situation, Chinese enterprises must grasp the correct direction and build on the foundation of the cluster integrity mechanism. Promote the collective movement of Chinese brands to the world, and embark on the sunshine road of building integrity, sharing opportunities and seeking common development.

       Wang Yanguo, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Presidium, and Executive Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

       Wang Yanguo said that the deep integration of China's economy and the world economy has brought new opportunities for Chinese enterprises to go global. Chinese enterprises that want to go out can pay more attention to the construction of honesty, not lose the trust of consumers, and always implement the core concept of honesty. To create a brand of integrity, it is necessary to cultivate internal strength, inherit the Chinese integrity culture, and use external forces to establish and implement a globally recognized, scientific and fair brand value standard system. The national brand revitalization project is a great undertaking based on the integrity of the Chinese brand and the world-class integrity brand tailored around Chinese companies.

       Wang Yanguo believes that the brand is a precious intangible asset in the operation of China's economy. It is a great wealth that our whole society has nurtured. The establishment of the brand, its going to the sea, and its long-lasting prosperity will surely contain the Chinese nation's thousands of years of politics, culture and economy. Historical accumulation. Therefore, we must believe in China's strength, believe in the power of the brand, believe in the power of integrity, and jointly achieve great business and great dreams.

       Wang Yanguo finally said that integrity is the inner life of the brand, the brand is the beautiful skin of integrity; the integrity brand is the cultural confidence of the big country. China should have a brand that stands in the forest of the nation; China needs the integrity that is deeply rooted in the roots of the nation. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we will hold high the banner of integrity brand, promote entrepreneurship, pursue high-quality development, and take China's credit brand to the world and sail.

       The event also released the "Customer's Favorite Brand of Integrity" list.

       “China National Brand Revitalization Project” is committed to promoting well-known independent brands, praising the story of Chinese brands, improving the influence and recognition of independent brands, and using honesty as the connotation to select private enterprises with industry representation as support. Object.
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