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Wang Yanguo attended the China Chamber of Commerce Conference and delivered a keynote speech

Source:CICCPS Release time:2018/10/10 11:09:43 
       On October 10, 2018, the "2018 China Chamber of Commerce Conference" was held in Beijing. The conference was supported by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Commercial Industry Committee, the China Chamber of International Commerce Commercial Industry Chamber of Commerce, and the China Economic Organization of Xinhua News Agency. The China International Chamber of Commerce Commercial Industry Chamber of Commerce Business Exhibition Alliance, Bo Yue Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Undertake, nearly 300 business associations attended the conference.

       Wang Yanguo, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Bureau and Chairman of the China-Foreign Economic Cooperation and Humanities Exchange Working Committee, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Improving the International Cooperation Mechanism and Strengthening the Capacity Building of Business Associations".

       Wang Yanguo said that the construction of the international cooperation mechanism of the Chamber of Commerce needs to have a rational discussion of the need for research, such as the age of the system, the age of the mechanism, the existence of the mechanism itself, the relationship between perfection and development. But more is a practical problem, it is an operational level problem. He summarized the characteristics of the international cooperation mechanism of the business association into one sentence: that is, the regulation, regularization, and standardization of the functions, work, activities, and requirements of the international cooperation of the business association. Among them: regulation is a functional feature, regularization is a cyclical feature, and standardization is a standard feature. The above-mentioned "three-oriented" naturally forms the "three forces" of international cooperation mechanism construction, in which: credibility reflects social credibility and external image; binding is legal compliance and institutional requirements; influence is brand cultivation and capacity building.

       In combination with the exploration and practice of the international cooperation mechanism, Wang Yanguo introduced the cooperation mechanism of the China-foreign economic cooperation and humanities exchange committee, the cooperation mechanism of the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the cooperation mechanism of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cooperation along the Belt and Road. International Political and Business Leaders Cooperation Organization Cooperation Mechanism, Implementation of Social Responsibility Work Committee Overseas Party Construction Working Mechanism and World Double China Summit Activities Mechanism, Cross-Strait Young Entrepreneur Round Table Activity Mechanism, Chinese National Enterprise Going Out Risk Prevention Symposium and Education and Training Activities Mechanism The mechanism for serving private enterprises to go out for international investment project launches and the mechanism for the construction of carriers and activities were highly recognized and appreciated by the guests of the Association.

       Wang Yanguo finally stated that the business association, as a social force of the country, as a social organization of the people, as a member of the social platform, especially as a bridge between the government and enterprises and an important role in international cooperation, strengthen the construction of international cooperation mechanisms, truly created It has the appeal in the enterprise going out, has influence in the international cooperation of the industry, has credibility in the brand image, and has a vitality in the capacity building. A new social organization with socialism with Chinese characteristics will be faced by all business associations. The subject, task and direction of the work, the China Private Economy International Cooperation Chamber of Commerce is willing to work together with all colleagues to make concerted efforts and make outstanding contributions to the realization of the great Chinese dream!
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