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President of Sri Lanka meets with Wang Yanguo, head of the delegation

Source:CICCPS Release time:2018/8/18 11:07:22 
       The Chamber of Commerce received news from Sri Lanka today: Wang Yanguo, secretary of the party committee, chairman of the bureau and executive vice president, led an entrepreneurial delegation to visit Sri Lanka from August 18th to 25th, and achieved pragmatic results during the inspection.

       Wang Yanguo met with Sri Lankan President Metripala Sirisena, met with Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Cheng Xueyuan, and met respectively with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Commerce of Sri Lanka, the Minister of Strategic Planning, the Minister of Industry and Social Welfare, the Minister of Tourism, and the National Progress. The head of the Export Bureau, the President of the Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chairman of the Sri Lankan B0l, and other leaders of the Sri Lankan government department held a meeting and inspected the Chinese-funded Chinese enterprises in Sri Lanka.

      The delegation has reached cooperation intentions on a number of projects including new energy, steel, motorcycle, Chinese medicine, building materials, cultural travel, entrepot trade, and free trade zones and industrial parks. The government's competent ministries and commissions all expressed support for the Chinese government and Chinese private enterprises to invest in Sri Lanka.

      Sri Lanka has obvious geographical advantages, relatively loose policies, and low labor prices, especially in the re-export trade duty-free auxiliary shots in South Asia, Europe, the United States and other regions. Among them, the port of Hambantota will be built as the largest port in Sri Lanka, and the existing industrial park can apply for zero land price, and the investment can reach a certain scale and can be tax-free for ten years.
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