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The private economy supports the "half of the Chinese economy"

Source:CICCPS Release time:2018/10/30 14:08:15 
        China's adherence to the basic economic system and deepening reform and opening up are the fundamental guarantees for ensuring the continuous development and growth of the private economy. We have no reason not to have full confidence in the broad prospects for China's economic development.

       For some time, the development of the private economy has attracted widespread public attention. With the escalation of Sino-US economic and trade frictions and the emergence of structural contradictions in the process of economic development, some private enterprises are under pressure in the development process. Some people use this to generate negative emotions, and even have a misunderstanding of "national advancement and retreat." How to correctly understand the role of the private economy? How to better support the development of the private economy? These issues are worth pondering.

       In the context of economic transformation and upgrading, some private enterprises are indeed facing temporary pressure. But looking at the problem can't "catch a little, not the rest", and infinitely magnify the difficulties ahead, but should look at the general trend and see the overall situation. In general, with the continuous promotion of the decentralization and the continuous optimization of the business environment, the private economy has obtained more favorable development conditions than before. Data show that since 2012, private investment has accounted for more than 60% of the country's fixed asset investment for five consecutive years, and the highest time reached 65.4%. Especially in the manufacturing sector, the proportion of private investment has now exceeded 80%, and private investment has become the main force of investment. At present, the overall development environment is conducive to the private economy, and the private economy has become an important force to promote China's economic development, optimize industrial structure, prosper urban and rural markets, and expand social employment.

       Regarding the problems encountered by the private economy, the Party Central Committee is looking at it and has come up with practical reform measures. Many reforms now focus on how to further develop the private economy. The party's line, principles and policies are beneficial to and beneficial to the development of private enterprises. Optimize government management through simple administration and decentralization, reduce the burden of enterprises through tax reduction and fee reduction, and help small and medium-sized enterprises solve financing difficulties through targeted reduction... The state's policy support to the private economy is consistent and powerful, and private enterprises can also feel it. The sense of gain from the policy. At the same time, policies and measures to improve scientific and technological innovation capabilities will also be implemented one after another. The purpose is to enable private enterprises to keep fit and allow private enterprises to tide over difficulties and develop and grow.

       The road to development has never been smooth, a country like this, and so is a business. What is important is that you can lose confidence without encountering difficulties, and you can't face pessimism with pressure. In the early days of the reform, the first generation of private entrepreneurs in Wenzhou “overcame thousands of difficulties, traveled thousands of miles, tried every means, and did everything in their power”, with such a spur of the head A developmental road. In fact, over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China’s private enterprises have developed from “small to strong” from small to large, from weak to strong. At present, China's economy is still in the "three-phase superposition" stage. The process of overcoming difficult challenges is the process of finding opportunities. This is precisely the stage in which entrepreneurs have a lot to do. Entrepreneurs who have courage, vision and courage will always climb. Kan, live up to expectations. Private enterprises are more flexible in terms of mechanisms and systems, and they are more self-innovative and rehabilitative. After a short period of pain, future development will only be better.

       At the moment, the Chinese economy is undergoing supply-side structural reforms. This process will bring pain, but it also breeds new opportunities. For example, not long ago, another commercial rocket "Chongqing Liangjiang Star", which was dominated by private capital and operated in a market-oriented mode, was successfully launched. At present, more than 60 private enterprises have entered the commercial aerospace field. This is the new vitality that the central government has vigorously promoted the integration of the military and the people and vigorously reduced the market entry threshold. In fact, huge middle-income groups are emerging, and an aging population is also forming huge demand. A new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is on the rise, and green development creates opportunities for development. These factors will open up huge development space. In the historical process of industrialization, informationization, urbanization, marketization, and internationalization, we will identify and seize new opportunities, strive to transform traditional industries, and vigorously develop new industries. The majority of private enterprises can adjust this economic structure. Get new growth.

       "The river goes out of the way, because of the resistance of Taihua, the water is increasing and its rushing; the wind is back to the Three Gorges, and the wind is increasing because of Wushan." Difficulties won't stop us, it will only make us stronger. It can be said that China's adherence to the basic economic system and deepening reform and opening up are the fundamental guarantees for ensuring the continuous development and growth of the private economy. We have no reason not to have full confidence in the broad prospects for China's economic development. The difficulties experienced by the private economy are only temporary and will have a better tomorrow.
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