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Kerui group's acquisition of British BPL company

Source:CICCPS Release time:2016/9/1 


According to the company's official website BPL (www.bpl.co.uk): BPL (Bio Products news Laboratory Ltd.) announced in England by Ayers Terry, Chinese kerei group (referred to as Cory) a control group has completed the purchase of the company. According to earlier news, Corey payment for a cash price of 820 million pounds, about 7 billion 200 million yuan. This is the beginning of the year after the Irish Shire company $32 billion acquisition of the United States Baxalta, the world's second major mergers and acquisitions of plasma products industry.

BPL company is headquartered in England, Hertfordshire, Ayers Terry, is a company with 60 years of experience, the only British, blood products enterprises ten of the global top, for the production of three kinds of treatment of immunodeficiency, coagulation disorders and intensive care were 14 kinds of blood products, the plasma processing capacity of approximately 650 tons / year. The USA has 34 U.S. pulp station, plasma collection volume of about 2000 tons / year, among the top five in the world, is the third largest global supplier of plasma, except for BPL processing, but also provide raw materials to Biotest positive plasma plasma and plasma products.
From the Chinese kerei group, is one of the A shares of Listed Companies in Shanghai Wallace actual controlling shareholder. Reference to Shanghai state and Zhengzhou, Wallace merger Anhui Tonglu routine, according to the Shanghai Wallace to develop "endogenous growth as the foundation and extension of development across the" strategic principle, that is likely to be held BPL kerei assets into Shanghai wallace. After injection, the international and domestic resources, for the two international and domestic market, the annual Shanghai RAAS plasma or will soon exceed 3000 tons, has long restricted Chinese plasma enterprises bigger and stronger, the bottleneck of raw plasma smoothly done or easily solved in the United States BPL acquisition of plasma to use, but not to Chinese processing. To this end, Corey will BPL an additional 100 million pounds of investment, the expansion of production capacity, the development of new products and new market support. By then, China's plasma products industry, the first aircraft carrier class enterprises will officially debut in the international arena.
This is a landmark event.
Market supply pattern of plasma products
Now the BPL company, formerly the Department of health under the state-owned enterprises, called PRUK (Plasma Resource UK), NHS (responsible to the British national health insurance system) the supply of blood products. PRUK by the BPL (plasma products processing plant) and DCI (British health department in the United States set up a single mining plasma company) two parts. In 2013, DCI in the United States has 32 plasma stations.
In August 2013, the British Ministry of Health announced the privatization of PRUK, the 80% stake sold to the grace of the capital, only retained 20% of the equity. Subsequently, the capital of the grace of its internal integration, no longer use the PRUK name, the company will be adjusted to BPL DCI subordinate plasma division, and an additional investment of about 50000000 pounds to BPL. At that time, the privatisation of PRUK caused a public uproar in britain. Many celebrities have come forward to condemn, saying the move is bound to seize the valuable resources of NHS, the harm to the British welfare society. The reason is that the former PRUK is not to make money for the purpose of state-owned enterprises (state-owned enterprises in the UK), but the new private controlling shareholders will chase profits.
The opposition of the British society is understandable. As everyone knows, English is the hometown of Dieter Maas, Dieter Maas is a British blood management as a template to build a set of ethical value system is firmly opposed to all look up to as the standard, money involved blood collection, processing, distribution and use etc.. It can be said that the privatization of PRUK, is a "betrayal" of Dieter Maas.
Truth is no doubt the best response. At Bain Capital over three years, the price of British blood products, the market does not appear obvious fluctuations, but by investing in human resources, production capacity and R & D, BPL realization of the launch of new varieties, new two slurry station, 58%, sales revenue growth turnaround success. At present, BPL company's products have entered the 45 countries. Its CEO John Perkins proud to say: "BPL to become a growth oriented enterprises!" It can be said that the privatization of the capital of the PRUK privatization reform, to a considerable extent, the British society to eliminate the plasma products supply system of private ownership of various concerns, the acquisition of Chinese enterprises laid the foundation for action.
The same situation also appears in France. LFB company of state-owned enterprises who hold high the "voluntary blood donation, non-profit processing plasma products" banner, are increasingly introducing the market mechanism: the establishment of plasma collection stations in Germany, Austria, the United States has to compensate, carried out in the form of plasmapheresis (25 Euro / times, or $20-30 / times), and for the world the competition of the market supply of plasma products.
Prior to this, the United Kingdom, France will be plasma products as a national public goods management, to be self-sufficient as the goal, have chosen the non profit supply model as a means to achieve. Obviously, the nationwide public goods theory has certain limitations, non profit model is not suitable for the supply of blood products, now two countries have chosen to change tack.
The emergence of plasma products, make the scientific use of human blood reached an unprecedented height. Because you can easily be carried to any one place to human foot, the localization of the supply of blood products, and makes the totally different supply of blood for clinical use, presents more and more characteristics of global public goods. How to effectively configure plasma resources worldwide, to provide more adequate and safe plasma products supply to the world, it seems, the market supply model is a better choice.
Dieter Maas was built more than 40 years ago.
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