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Hengtong group how to play Internet plus

Source:CICCPS Release time:2016/7/28 

In the transformation of Hengtong group (hereinafter referred to as well) have great ideas and planning in the "Internet plus" in the field, especially the big data, network security, e-commerce business as the future direction of development is very important.

Hengtong group executive vice president Qian Jianlin said the day before, prosper in the mode of development, development of business transformation has developed a long-term planning, the next 3 years to achieve performance doubled, while the main growth point from big data, networking, network security, intelligence community and other emerging businesses, services, the Internet will become the future development trend.
Hengtong currently in new business achievements mainly focus on the online trading platform, the use of big data and network security etc..
Do the commodities trading "alipay"
The on-line trading platform will prosper jinhuitong in August this year, made of non-ferrous metal and plastic and other bulk products online transactions.
To prosper, the trading platform is actually the Internet trading platform to get involved in new areas, this platform is mainly based on trade, to achieve the docking of the buyer and the seller. For example, in copper and copper rod commodity trading process, the copper price is fluctuant, past the buyer while the purchase of spot copper, while the seller is to pay attention to preservation, while the production of copper products, while paying attention to the value, and after the line on the platform, will all buyers and sellers together to do the the inventory is transparent, the price is updated with the futures market real-time docking.
And the platform's originality lies, the seller of goods must be stored in a designated warehouse trading platform, to ensure the authenticity of the goods, once the buyer to pay the purchase price, will immediately take delivery of the goods. Obviously, the platform acts as a guarantor role, ensure that the seller will be the true number of goods to meet the buyer's needs, this Alipay and Taobao with the effect is very similar. Qian Jianlin said that the future of the platform will be based on the transaction, to help enterprises to provide financing services.
Establish a direct dialogue with the public consumer electronic business platform
In addition to the upcoming jinhuitong platform, on July 18th officially launched the Hengtong Hengtong Mall (www.hengtongmall.com), officially entered the field of electronic business.
It is understood that the mall's main service object is the ordinary civilian, mass consumer customers. Hengtong Mall for goods are mainly fine Jiezhuang wire, low voltage cable, high / ultrahigh pressure (cable) cable, electrical equipment, cable, cable, cable rail of new energy, smart grid, cable wire, wire rod and other special products, direct supply by prosper.
Qian Jianlin said that the significance of the establishment of the platform is to meet the needs of ordinary users to buy. He said that ordinary users of the cable product demand is small, well before this part of the consumer channels dedicated service, consumers can not buy products directly to prosper, prosper now on-line store, ordinary consumers can stroll like Tmall, like Taobao, to purchase the goods in the store, a variety of ways to transfer money through online banking, Alipay and the line to complete the payment, prosper will use its powerful ability of logistics and third party logistics company to complete the business, goods distribution.
Layout big data push three business model
Big data is currently the most advanced areas, emphasis is also well layout, and for now, big data business prosper mainly for enterprise users.
It is understood that the technology and investment cooperation network last year, mainly responsible for the development of big data business prosper, the formation of a large data and construct the whole industrial chain business system.
Qian Jianlin pointed out that the moment a lot of big data companies have data acquisition analysis and application capabilities, but the ability to translate into a business model, can do a good job. Excellent network technology has outstanding large data collection, analysis, application capabilities, and the future development of the core is the design and application of large data. Strengthen the application and transformation of big data is currently being solved well.
According to reports, prosper big data business model is designed to be a mature business model, the future, will launch its own application. Qian Jianlin believes that big data applications will prosper to lead the future development of the industry.
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