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Shagang became the first approved DFI qualification of iron and steel enterprises

Source:CICCPS Release time:2016/7/7 
The day before, shagang group company to the inter-bank market dealers association to apply for registration DFI qualification successfully approved the issue of storage racks, Shagang became the domestic iron and steel enterprises and private enterprises in the first DFI qualified enterprises.
It is understood that the "DFI" shelf issuance of debt financing instruments is referred to as English, China inter-bank market dealers association according to the debt financing instruments of debt instruments classification management mechanism of the latest, the issuer can register a "shelf issue" qualification (DFI), and allows a registration, repeatedly issued. For compliance with the requirements of a class of standard enterprises, the registration of a DFI qualification, can be a one-time amount of up to 5 varieties of bonds issued to pack the registration, and at any time during the effective period of time to choose to issue any variety of. The qualification of the approval will be to a greater extent, improve the quality of the issuer's bond financing autonomy and flexibility.
The registered qualification DFI Shagang successfully approved, not only broaden the financing channels for enterprises to solve the production and operation of the working capital requirements, and further improve the financing market qualification and brand position Shagang, can effectively improve the issuance efficiency, greatly reduced the cost of financing.
It is reported that the DFI qualification is valid for two years, in the period of validity of the registration can be phased issuance of ultra short term financing bonds, short-term financing bills, medium-term notes and perpetual notes. The Shagang registration of debt financing instruments involved in the business by the Construction Bank, China National Development Bank and other seven banks co lead underwriter.
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