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Hengtong group: independent innovation to break the international monopoly barrier

Source:CICCPS Release time:2016/4/26 
In April 25th, 26, CCTV "news broadcast" for two consecutive days, reported that the board member enterprise of Jiangsu Hengtong group through independent research and development, grasp the core technology of optical fiber, light, become Chinese only grasp the independent intellectual property rights of light of cutting-edge technology of national enterprises, China laid a position in the field of optical fiber communication and discourse. The following is a text report:
Independent innovation to break the international monopoly barriers
Chinese every 4 km fiber, there is 1 km from his enterprise; Shenzhou nine and Tiangong-1 docking, his perfect execution of the task of special optical fiber. He led the army to develop more than 150 national industry standards. He is from Jiangsu, Wujiang Hengtong group manager Cui Genliang.
The optical fiber preform, optical fiber is the main raw material, production before 2010, our country is still unable to produce such a light, totally dependent on imports from Japan and the United states. Then, under the leadership of Cui Genliang, from the development of township enterprises has Hengtong group on the verge of collapse become China's largest communications cable company, but in fiber manufacturing have their own core technology, which means to work for a lifetime, heteronomy to foreign enterprises. For the core technology research and development of optical fiber preform, Cui Genliang also took the team a week around the circle of the earth, to the 5 countries studied, but ultimately failed.
Cui Genliang came back from abroad, invited a number of experts to study, intends to invest 600 million yuan, with three years of independent research and development, but did not think it was opposed to all experts.
"No innovation, tomorrow will be backward, the day after tomorrow will be eliminated," Cui Genliang withstood the pressure, insist on doing this project, three years 6 hundred million, equivalent to the daily burn 500 thousand.
In 2010, Hengtong independent research and development of optical fiber preform is successfully developed, so far, Hengtong completely mastered the core technology of optical fiber, light, become Chinese only grasp the independent intellectual property rights of light of cutting-edge technology of national enterprises, also laid the China in the world in the field of optical fiber communication, and the right to speak.
For the high-tech enterprises, and take the time to burn, not necessarily can overcome technical difficulties; but if you do not focus on innovation, the enterprise can only in the low-end value chain, even being eliminated by the industry. Simply put, innovation is risky, and innovation is more dangerous. Do you want to innovation, reflects the enterprise leader's vision; dare to adhere to innovation, embodies the enterprise leader's courage and boldness. Cui Genliang withstood the pressure of success, such as his entrepreneurs are the hope of China's economic transformation and upgrading.
Innovation is the key to the survival of enterprises
Jiangsu Hengtong group head Cui Genliang, for 30 years, a small township development of adult plant output amounted to fifteen six hundred million yuan, the top three global optical fiber communication enterprises. What is Cui Genliang's secret?
This year 58 year old Cui Genliang, still work nearly 12 hours a day, the daily life and rest of the law is a continuation of his army. Four years in the army, he was a communication soldier, this experience let him later when undertaking, chose to enter the telecommunications industry.
Cui Genliang is Jiangsu Wujiang people, the silk industry developed here since ancient times, the last century at the beginning of 80s, he stepped in, will be on the verge of collapse of Wujiang silk garment factory to profitability, then he went to Wujiang at the time the largest investment, but serious losses of latex gloves factory as director, after half a year although the business better, but the international economic crisis or let the latex glove factory collapsed. At that time, the cable and optical cable companies in China has just started, Cui Genliang realized that this is a promising industry. In 1991, Cui Genliang back 1 million 200 thousand yuan of debt, the establishment of the communication cable factory in Wujiang.
At that time, Cui Genliang's enterprise from top to bottom, only a part of wages, but the introduction of talent, he never stingy. In addition to select outstanding employees to colleges and universities to learn new technology, Cui Genliang also often personally, careers, he invited experts, the annual salary of executives tend to be ten times higher than the.
By the end of 1995, Hengtong communication cable production and sales ranked first in the country, among the domestic counterparts before the annual sales of cable five. However, in the field of optical fiber communication technology light in the highest, has long been monopolized by Japan, the United States, in order not to heteronomy, Cui Genliang determined to have their own R & D.
Hengtong group lasted for 3 years, has invested 600 million funds, more than 200 personnel involved in research and development, in August 7, 2010, the successful development of light, prosper become China's only one with light technology enterprises, but also to fill the Chinese in the technology gap, they also has assumed the National 863 national science and technology projects more than 190 gain 2000 National patents.
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