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De Heng Paris Power Group successfully shares CTI group

Source:CICCPS Release time:2016/4/15 

Yantai Chinese Taiwan group (referred to as Taiwan Group) reached an agreement with the French economy, industrial and digital science and technology minister Mr. Ma Kelong, through the method of investment approval, in French CTI group (below CTI), became the controlling shareholder.

CTI in Churchill and Earl province has three factories, specializing in nuclear and industrial boiler pipeline construction, products are mainly invested in nuclear power plants, petrochemical and food industry. The company also participated in the construction of Dayawan and Taishan nuclear power plant.
China Yantai Taiwan group is a collection of high-end equipment manufacturing, nuclear power, aviation material research and high-tech industry incubator as one of the diversified multinational group, in recent years involved in numerous international mergers and acquisitions, is a large private China nuclear field leader. Taiwan group in February 2013 wholly acquired the French Manuer industrial group, the French defense ministry designated military suppliers. Beijing Deheng Law Firm (Paris) and Ernst & Young LLP was designated as the project team of lawyers.
The agreement between the Taiwan group and the CTI means that the two sides will form an important industrial partner, and the successful signing of the agreement will make the two sides become an important partner. Close cooperation of the two major groups, will have a strong synergistic effect. Through this platform to create the nuclear field components will complement each other with complementary, is conducive to improving the level of manufacturing equipment China. The alliance with the French manufacturing process and professional technology to make CTI products into the Chinese market, so that the Taiwan Strait group to become the world's leading companies.
The project capital Taiwan group and CTI group by Beijing de Heng (Paris) composed of Shi Renlin law firm lawyers with the United States BRYAN CAVE Fabrice Bouquier Law Firm lawyer's legal team to provide special legal services, full participation and help customers to complete the work in the acquisition, including the design of the structure of the transaction, legal, tax, financial due diligence the investigation and arrangement, the drafting of various transaction documents, legal services and coordination between the bank and the supplier relationship.
The acquisition relates to the field of French nuclear power and national security, lawyer Shi Renlin and Fabrice Bouquier lawyer to assist customers with the French Ministry of economic affairs, Ministry of defense and the Department of energy conducted several consultations, the final acquisition of administrative license issued by the French economy minister. The acquisition has become one of the top industrial cooperation projects between China and France, one of the famous French economic daily ECHOS LES in April 8, 2016 this was a special report (see figure). Other economic magazines have also been reported.
Beijing de Heng (Paris) serves French local enterprises and multinational investment and trade customers, assist in Chinese enterprises to invest in Europe, asset acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions and other fields to create many successful examples. Mr. Shi law as China's state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and China's famous people in Europe for industrial, commercial, wineries and hotels and other investment projects, legal adviser. De Heng (Paris) in the field of international litigation has accumulated rich experience in legal services, handling litigation and arbitration of international investment and trade between China and the EU, and the execution of foreign arbitration in Europe, such as Paris Old Summer Palace bronzes auction case, Inner Mongolia Yili Group, the implementation of the case China arbitration trademark ownership dispute case Tuo and Pierre Cardin trademark arbitration the case.
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