Approved by the State Council and Ministry of Civil Affairs CICCPS is a comprehensive chamber of commerce specialized in facilitating overseas investment of Chinese private enterprises
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CICCPS Formally established in Beijing

Source:CICCPS Release time:2011/11/25 
November 24th, China private economy international cooperation chamber of Commerce was established in Beijing, which is China's first specialized service private enterprises to carry out international economic cooperation and exchange of national large chamber of commerce. CPPCC Vice Chairman, chairman of the National Federation of industry and Commerce Huang Mengfu attended and delivered a speech. He pointed out that in the economic globalization and the depth adjustment of the world economic situation, the key period of the establishment of China's private economy, the establishment of the International Chamber of commerce is the right time.
Huang Mengfu said that the establishment of associations, the National Association of industry and Commerce for the implementation of the party and the national strategy of "going out" to implement the general secretary Hu Jintao on private enterprises "go out" to "seize the opportunity, as a positive, while avoiding disadvantages, to prevent the risk of" the spirit of the instructions provided an effective platform.
Huang Mengfu analysis of domestic and international economic situation, said the outlook for the world economy, we can clearly see that in the aftermath of the financial crisis, but also encountered a sovereign debt crisis, the economic situation has a lot of uncertainty. However, there are two trends are irreversible: first, the process of globalization can not be stopped, the regional economic integration can not be stopped; second, with the changes in the world economic pattern, the rise of Asia, the international division of industrial structure has also produced tremendous changes. Such a change has brought about the exchange of capital, the exchange of talents, the sharing of resources, the further development of the market, the development of China, and the best time for Chinese private enterprises to "go out".
30 years of reform and opening up, the rapid development of private enterprises, with the growing competitiveness of enterprises, the growing strength, for the "going out" accumulated experience, "going out" is the inevitable choice for the development strategy of private enterprises.
China private economy international cooperation chamber of commerce is a special service enterprises, especially large private enterprises going out to carry out overseas investment business community. Before the establishment of the National Federation of chamber of Commerce, the relevant state ministries and commissions for private enterprises to "go out" situation in-depth research, solicit the opinions of the private enterprises "going out", done a lot of detailed and fruitful work, the final decision by the chamber of Commerce to support and promote the construction of private enterprises "going out".
Huang Mengfu stressed that Chinese private enterprises go out the first step in the strategic layout and development ideas, to firmly establish a sense of social responsibility. "Going out" is not just the money going out, but the Chinese enterprises "going out". China's rise is the rise of peace, China's development is a harmonious development. Therefore, Chinese enterprises "go out" not only to the investment, but also to solve the local employment, protect the local environment, and the development of the world together, embodies the social responsibility of Chinese entrepreneurs, out of a new way of Chinese folk diplomacy.
Huang Mengfu requirements chamber of Commerce, to give full play to the role of the bridge link, deepen cooperation with government departments to strengthen the link with all levels of industry and commerce, relying on industry and commerce to strengthen contact with the overseas chamber of Commerce, and actively play a role in promoting private enterprises in the cooperation, and standardize self-discipline, will promote private enterprises to go out as an important work, often catch.
Huang Mengfu hope that the chamber of Commerce in accordance with international standards of service, carefully study the development of the world market, pay close attention to the changes in the international investment environment, and actively explore the effective realization of the chamber of Commerce in China, so that China's private economy international cooperation chamber of Commerce has become an important force to push the internationalization of Chinese private enterprises and sustained and healthy development.
Vice president of the chamber of Commerce, China kerei group chairman of the board of directors elected the first president Zheng Yuewen. He said in his speech, with the development of economy, our country's overseas resources, technology and market dependence is constantly increasing, the objective requirements of going out "has become Chinese transformation of economic development mode and achieve sustainable development, is the inevitable choice of enterprises to further strengthen and expand the.
Zheng Yuewen said that in order to help private enterprises to better carry out international economic cooperation, to achieve the needs of innovation and transformation and upgrading, chamber of Commerce will serve the fundamental purpose, to serve as the existence and development of the first priority, make every effort to go out for private enterprises to pave the way.
He hoped that the chamber of commerce can be more help and support from the government and related agencies, and hope to work together with the business community, members of the chamber of Commerce, to promote international cooperation in the development of private economy to redouble their efforts.
It is noted that the first chamber of Commerce members currently include Lenovo, Geely and other 128 companies, respectively, from the country's 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, the industry is widely distributed, including 7 among the 2011 Chinese private enterprises 500 strong first 10.
Vice president of the National Federation of industry and Commerce Song Beishan, Eru and the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of civil affairs and other relevant departments responsible comrades to be congratulated.
In addition, the establishment of the general assembly of the International Chamber of private economy in China, also held a win-win: private enterprises to the sea, the theme of the forum. The chamber of Commerce and finance, foreign envoys and representatives of international organizations, financial support and international cooperation on issues such as the exchange of dialogue.
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